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Summit Martial arts 


                    2017 Top Choice Award for Best Martial Arts School in Calgary - nominated and voted on by YOU!

                    2014 Top Martial Arts School for Kids by Chatterblock - Best in the City Awards

"Master Shane Morris is one of the greatest martial artists and instructors that I know.  His standards are very high and he expects the same of his students.  He will motivate you to your full potential in a positive environment. I am who I am today because of him.  Anyone who is fortunate enough to train under Master Shane Morris should embrace the opportunity as he is an excellent teacher with extensive knowledge to share."

Master Wayne Langille - 5th Degree Black Belt in Moo Duk Kwan Tae Kwon Do (student since 1996)

"As someone who has trained Martial arts at different schools, it’s easy to say Summit is a cut above the rest. The instruction, skills, activities and standards are what make Summit the premier school in Calgary. From the moment you enter the Dojang, the love for martial arts is apparent in every direction you look. To say Master Morris is a world class instructor is an understatement. Not only will he teach you, he will be on the mats every day training with you . He will push you beyond the limits you have set for yourself and show you the potential you have inside. To be a great martial artist you need a great teacher and if that’s the goal you have set for yourself you need to look no further. Summit is the place to be."  Marshall Nippard - Student 

"My nine year old son and I joined Summit Martial Arts over a year ago and since have both become addicted to the training, principles, and environment.  We find ourselves to be very fortunate to be trained by Master Morris, given his extended tenure and experience in Tae Kwon Do – a rare opportunity.  Personally I value not just the solid teaching practices, excellent work outs, and well structured classes, but the core values and high standards encouraged for success.  I find these values and standards to drive my son and I to work harder, knowing that each belt will be earned through our efforts and therefore we will have pride in those achievements.  It excites me to have found an avenue for my son to learn invaluable life lessons, so sadly dilute in some parts of society, while burning off his endless amounts of energy.  We had the honour of meeting with Grand Master Clark and his knowledge and passion is certainly at the hearts of SMA.  Mrs. Morris, as we have come to see, is the glue that carefully molds SMA together ensuring a seamless operation.  We are proud to be a part of the SMA team and value what they have given us in such a short time and eagerly anticipate our future at SMA.  Thanks guys!"  Jason C - Parent and Student 

"Before my son introduced me to Summit Martial Arts, I had no real interest in martial arts. But after training under the supervision of Master Shane Morris, who has an incredible eye for detail, I eat, drink and sleep martial arts! I've been active in competitive sports for over 30 years, but now I train better so I can move and feel better. There is also a competitive aspect if you want it, which is something that keeps me motivated. The stripe and belt promotion system keep my son and daughter motivated, and training together as a family is a great bonding experience. If you want to open yourself to a fascinating new world, improve your fitness or fine-tune your martial arts skills, Master Shane Morris will give you what you're looking for. He's fun to watch too!"
Dan Brennan – Parent of 2 children and Student 

"If you are looking for great martial arts and you want to learn from the best, this is the place to be.  With 6 degrees black belt, Master Morris has every tool you need to learn from patterns, self-defence, grappling, and sparring.  He remains humble with all of these and challenges himself to train with his students every single training day."  Florian Bernardo - Parent of 2 children and Student 

"I have been studying martial arts since the age of 9.  When I started training at Summit Martial Arts, I found my interest in Tae Kwon Do soar with the teachings from Master Morris.  He is very knowledgeable and you can tell he loves to teach.  He also practices what he preaches.  Master Morris is one of the Best Instructors in Canada!! You actually find your self wanting to go to class just because you have this drive and determination to better yourself in the art. On top of that, the people of Summit are not only class mates but friends that I actually admire and look up to.  I could ramble all day long about how good this school is but really just find out for your self!! Summit Martial Arts is by far the best school I have ever attended."  Shane Roberts - Student 

"Our son has been attending Summit Martial Arts for two years. We attended 2 other schools previous and this school by far exceeds the others. The instruction is very good- they make sure the students learn techniques well before moving on to others and teach the techniques in a fun and dynamic class. The instructors are encouraging and kind.  They develop positive relationships with the students and always reinforce student efforts. Our son loves it- he is 'a kid who loves taikwando' (his words)- he feels confident in himself and a sense of accomplishment for his efforts. It's great for him!"  Chastity P. - Parent 

"For people like me who are "motivationally challenged", this school has been great at getting the best performance possible out of me. For example, my fitness improvement has exceeded my expectations. The curriculum never gets stale as Master Morris seems to have an endless list of drills and exercises that he draws on to keep things fresh. 5 stars."  Lee Morin - Student 

"Summit Martial Arts has been a great experience for our son. Since he started two year ago, he's shown amazing progress in his strength, coordination and confidence. It's always a warm and welcoming environment with great members who are positive role models for the young ones!"  Charity A. - Parent​ and Spouse of Students 

"My children started at Summit last March (2015) and they love it!  Summit has been more than accommodating meeting the needs of my children.  They focus on the physical coponents of my children's learning optimizing the class time to the fullest.  This makes their classes more enjoyable.  We are delighted to have found Summit!"  Debi Mowat - Parent of 2 children​ 

"I signed my daughter up for the Little Dragons program and in a short time, I have noticed a difference in her.  She has always been shy and quiet, but now she is standing up taller and talking proudly about her new skills.  Master Shane Morris is kind and patient with the children, but in a way that commands respect.  I am excited to see how this program will shape her and I would encourage any parent to try Summit Martial Arts as a way of helping your child develop healthy life skills." ​Rhiannon Jones - Parent


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